15th January 2018 (Frankfurt)—
MultiBank Group kicks off 2018 with an unparalleled investment opportunity by purchasing the MultiBank Index Notes listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchangeby offering investors the chance to purchase their high performing MultiBank Index(ISIN XS1633062127).
The Index was launched earlier in 2017 after the Group acquired a German-based asset management company and established their European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, under the name MEX Asset Management GmbH.
A parsimonious model extracts highly predictive trading signals from an order-flow of FX transactions that is proprietary to the MultiBank Group.
Back in 2013, MultiBank Group had developed a parsimonious cutting edge fintech algorithmic trading strategy that generates forex trading signals based on its proprietary data-set, and have been trading a portfolio of G8 currencies (plus gold and silver) for its own account since then. This strategy is being tracked by the index-linked note, which were issued at par value in September 2017.
Within the first 4 months of trading, the MultiBank Index has consistently outperformed and generated a total of over +18.26% in trading. December 2017 has by far been the strongest performing monthat +8.71%, bringing the full year performance for the Strategy to+34.68%.