MultiBank Adds Bitcoin and Other CFD Shares to Its Product Offerings
2018-05-21 | news
21st May 2018-
Following the latest market trends in the fintech industry, MultiBank Group stated today that it now offersa range of new CFD products in addition to its existingsuite of CFDs currently available for trading, including CFD Shares (US/UK Equities), Bitcoin Future Contracts and additional CFDs.
These new CFDs were added in part due to the recently high customer demand to trade cryptocurrencies and other popular shares. The full contract specifications are listed below, but include popular shares CFDs of global companies worldwide, such as Facebook, Google, IBM and Netflix in the US and Baidu and Alibaba, etc. in China.
Yahya Taher,CEO of MultiBank Group, commented on the new product offerings, “MultiBank is strongly committed to being at the forefront of the fintech industry, and thus we are pleased to offer our new range of Shares and Crypto CFDs. We vow to continue providing our clients with the newest and latest online financial products in order to provide them with the best trading experience in our industry.”
These new CFD products will be tradable on MultiBank’s MT4 platforms, with spreads starting as low as 0.01 pips. For more information about MultiBank’s products, please visit our Products Page or contact our 24/5 multilingual customer service:

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